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Chuck is professional, intuitive and respectful of all his clients and makes a tarot reading personal.  I particularly appreciate hearing background information about the different sets of cards he uses.  I enjoy trying new sets of cards with each of my visits; beautiful pictures with slight nuances differing from set to set.  Tarot is an ancient tool for examing one's interior life.  I always learn something new about myself and the way I choose to live my life.  Chuck has a wealth of knowledge about spiritual paths and practices.  I always leave a session with him with new insights and ideas.

S. L.

Really a fine ritual!  Thank you for sharing your space and creating this opportunity.

M. W.

Thank you for the wonderful reading.  It was one of the best I've ever had, it allowed my to connect some thoughts and move forward with several ideas.  


Thanks Chuck for your insightful readings and your excellent teaching.  You help me explore realms of creativity and intuition, at the same time modeling common sense and  strong ethics as a person and a practitioner.  I owe you a lot personally and professionally.


I’ve found Chuck’s readings incredibly useful.  He brings a depth, wisdom, authenticity, and humor to each reading and his style really resonates with me.  His readings have helped me make the best of challenging situations and see things clearly.  Highly recommended!

Laura Adrian founder of Whole Life Elevation

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