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Tarot Philosophy & Ethics by Chuck Kausalik-Boe, M.A.

My Philosophy about Tarot

Tarot is a spiritual tool that enables us to look at our lives and find information that we may not have understood or known before. Working with the seventy eight cards in a tarot deck confirms things you’ve always known or it can add a new perspective to a question or problem. My readings focus on the Divine and ancient wisdom. I see my work as spiritual guidance, not fortune telling. I look forward to meeting you.

My Tarot and Educational History

I began working with the tarot in 1981. My first deck was the Rider-Waite.I read books by Rachel Pollock, Mary Greer and Eden Gray to learn about the cards. I gave readings to friends and exchanged readings with other tarot enthusiasts. Over the years, I have taken workshops from Nancy Antenucci, and attended meet up workshops facilitated by Corrine Kenner.

My Ethical Principles

1.  I believe that the tarot is a tool for spiritual guidance. The answers that we receive from the tarot should be used to heighten our understanding of issues in our lives, not be seen as definitive messages about our future. I clearly stress to all clients that they have free will to make choices in their lives regardless of the reading.

2.  I will clearly and accurately tell the meaning of the cards in any reading. The client has the right to freely make decisions about how to use the information provided.

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